Mike’s Profile

Mike Wetherley is a retired geologist residing in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Past experience has included commercial aviation, mineral exploration and wellsite geology. He is a graduate of the Haileybury School of Mines and Michigan Technological University. He had almost completed an M.Sc. degree at Michigan Tech and had been accepted into a Ph.D. course at Stanford University when he accepted a position in Australia managing a mineral exploration company. (He said this seemed like way too much fun to pass up.) He married an Australian and is the father of three daughters.

Attempts to promote his ideas have included two books not accepted for publication, presentations to professional groups, and various other initiatives. Now, the Internet has come of age, enabling anyone to present innovative ideas to the world while bypassing the impediment of ‘peer review’, which is too often manipulated by vested interests opposed to change. This is typically the case within specialties, where anyone ‘from away’ is promptly dismissed as an ‘outsider’ and therefore, an ‘amateur’. Mike’s website martiangrandpa.com is a call for a scientific revolution.

Mike always appreciates your comments, whether in agreement or not. All communications should be directed to martiangrandpa@shaw.ca.