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CHAPTER 16 – Cosmology I

CHAPTER 16 Cosmology I Abandonment of the Big Bang and Cosmic Microwave Background theories will lead to a revolution in science. The Big Bang “Our present understanding of the universe is based on the Big Bang…” Nathan Cohen in “Gravity’s Lens” (page 223). “The singularity at the beginning of the universe …” is how Stephen […]

CHAPTER 15 – Cosmic Rays

CHAPTER 15 Cosmic Rays When the universal abundance of elements was calculated from analyses of asteroids and the spectra of stars, it meant that most conclusions about cosmic rays would be wrong. Gamma Rays By definition, cosmic rays are made up of protons, elemental nuclei, and electrons, all moving rapidly through space, together with high […]

CHAPTER 21 – The Caribbean (A Look back)

CHAPTER 21 The Caribbean (A Look back) Most people would accept that the North American ice cap formed around the North Pole. Why do scientists insist it formed on one side of the Earth in the mid-latitudes? The Problem The geological history of the Caribbean basin has been considered in thousands of scientific papers published […]

CHAPTER 14 – The Electric Sun

CHAPTER 14 The Electric Sun Astronomers claim that a major accomplishment has been to explain how our Sun and the stars work, but they got it spectacularly wrong. Introduction In 1920 Arthur Eddington proposed that the Sun is powered by a nuclear fusion generator located at its core that converts hydrogen into helium (the proton-proton […]

CHAPTER 5 – Velikovsky

CHAPTER 5 Velikovsky Astronomers were correct to reject Immanuel Velikovsky’s account of the birth of Venus but the real explanation went unrecognized. Upheaval Immanuel Velikovsky posited that the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt in the second millennium B.C. was connected in some way to a series of natural catastrophes. He investigated the evidence for […]

CHAPTER 11 – Climate Change

CHAPTER 11 Climate Change A 400,000-year-old ice core from Antarctica affords a chilling prognosis for our future. Runaway Greenhouse Effect The term ‘runaway greenhouse effect’ was coined by researchers at Caltech in a paper on the atmosphere of Venus. Regardless of what the authors might actually have known about Venus, the way this term has […]

CHAPTER 6 – Second Most Recent Impact

CHAPTER 6 Second Most Recent Impact An impact in northern Canada may have triggered a huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia. Hidden Impacts There is another impact site beneath the sea that might not yield a K-Ar age because its rocks are too young. The rock of this former lava pool, possibly a fresh-appearing, coarse-grained latite […]

CHAPTER 4 – Atlantis

CHAPTER 4 Atlantis The Caribbean Sea is linked to the destruction of Atlantis as reported by Plato. Atlantis Ignatius L. Donnelly, a U.S. Congressman who served in the 1860’s, was ahead of his time on a number of significant issues, including women’s suffrage and education for freed slaves. This may have been why his best-known […]

CHAPTER 12 – Mars

CHAPTER 12 Mars The weathering of basalt cannot produce quartz sand, so if sand on Mars is made of quartz, where did it come from? Our Neighbor In the entire Solar System, only Mars and Earth rotate at similar rates and have rotational axes inclined to the ecliptic at similar angles. These similarities may have […]