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CHAPTER 10 – Venus

CHAPTER 10 Venus The retrograde rotation of Venus is explained by Kepler’s Second Law. The Legend The ancient Greeks had a legend about the god Zeus swallowing the goddess Metis, who was pregnant. She gave birth to Athena, inside Zeus, who was seized by a raging headache. Hephaestus, the son of Zeus, split open Zeus’s skull […]

CHAPTER 9 – Structural Geology

CHAPTER 9 Structural Geology Axis change explains different latitudes recorded in rocks that formed over the Hawaiian ‘hotspot’. Places of Interest One has only to glance at a physical world map depicting the ridges and canyons on the ocean floor to realize that a lot has taken place there. I hope my analysis of the history […]

CHAPTER 8 – The K-T Boundary

CHAPTER 8 The K-T Boundary Most fossils are formed by an oceanic flood. New species evolve and form fossils at the next major flood. This is why the paleontological record is so discontinuous. A Major Catastrophe The end of the Cretaceous Period, followed by the Tertiary Period, is best known for the extinction of the […]

CHAPTER 7 – The Mediterranean

CHAPTER 7 The Mediterranean Italy and every island in the Mediterranean Sea came out of Africa. Geology There is general agreement among anthropologists that Italians came out of Africa, along with the rest of us, including Inuit of the Arctic and Aboriginals of Australia. Not everyone, however, knows that Italy came out of Africa. Accompanying […]

CHAPTER 13 – The Martian Flood

CHAPTER 13 The Martian Flood If Earth is our mother then Mars is our father, without whom we would not be here. Mars is a stern father though, and may ultimately expunge our species from the Earth. “This surface geology is trying to tell us a story, a surprising story, and we might not be […]

CHAPTER 3 – Impact Geology

CHAPTER 3 Impact Geology The 40Ar-39Ar method has been used to date bedrock from beneath the Caribbean Sea but results have been kept hidden from the public. The Caribbean In the mid-1960s the United States Geological Survey made an astounding announcement that should have changed the accepted geological history of the world. The Survey reported […]

CHAPTER 20 – Catastrophic Minerals

CHAPTER 20 Catastrophic Minerals Coal is said to require 5 to 10 times its volume of trees to form, so what process produces a coal seam more than 300 feet thick from trees that grew on dry land? Coal During an axis change, movement along the meridian of maximum change proceeds in excess of the […]

CHAPTER 19 – The Old Testament

CHAPTER 19 The Old Testament The Flood Story has been handed down for more than half a thousand human generations, for it was the greatest catastrophe to have occurred within the memory of humankind. Scientific Relevance The New Testament of the Bible concerns itself largely with the life and death of Jesus, and related stories. […]

CHAPTER 18 – The Chocolate Box

CHAPTER 18 The Chocolate Box Geology is about halfway between Reality and Fantasy. Introduction “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates…” Tom Hanks in the movie ‘Forrest Gump’. One corner of the box in the image is designated ‘Reality’ and the opposite corner, ‘Fantasy’. Electronics is offered as a good example […]

CHAPTER 17 – Cosmology II

CHAPTER 17 Cosmology II If thermonuclear fusion was occurring in our Sun’s core it would have blown up long ago. Stars If stars are not powered by thermonuclear activity then another internal force supports them, or else they don’t require support, in which case the scientists’ gravity calculations are all wrong. I accept the scientists’ […]